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Bullieverse: Designing Staking for a Remarkable 80% Selling Pressure Reduction for Metaverses


Bullieverse, an open metaverse platform, harnessed the power of Kaizen.Finance to enhance automation, security, and token handling of their platform and ecosystem. The collaboration resulted in a striking 80% reduction of expected selling pressure during the Token Generation Event (TGE), showcasing the effectiveness of the Kaizen approach and tool


Murali Reddy

Co-Founder at Bullieverse


We came to Kaizen looking for a strong tech partner, experts who could help us get through the nuances of launching the token. Seeing the results, I can say with full confidence that we got it all with Kaizen. There are a number of things that I was impressed with, but If I had to choose, the selling pressure reduction was absolutely remarkable. It completely exceeded our boldest expectations.


Project Introduction and Objective

As an immersive environment for players and creators, Bullieverse stands as a testament to the collaborative potential of the Web 3.0 metaverse community.

Recognizing the extensive capabilities of Kaizen.Finance, Bullieverse, ahead of its TGE, engaged in a strategic partnership with the objective to leverage Kaizen’s expertise in automation, security, and unique approaches to handling locked tokens.


Token Creation with Embedded Security Traits

Kaizen's proficiency in creating tokens across different blockchains, coupled with embedded security traits, ensured the foundation of Bullieverse's digital assets was secure. The $BULL token was successfully created in the Polygon blockchain receiving a robust set of security and protection features written into its smart contract.


Bullieverse token public sale page

Kaizen smart contracts are pre-audited and come with an included report from DeusSec providing an additional layer of assurance, instilling confidence in Bullieverse's community and investors. Meticulous deployment of smart contracts, subject to rigorous audits, guaranteed the reliability and security of Bullieverse's underlying infrastructure ahead of the public sale.

Automation of Vesting Schedule and Token Distribution

The integration of Kaizen's automated solutions empowered Bullieverse with a seamless and efficient operational framework, minimizing manual interventions. Automated vesting solution helped streamline the distribution of tokens while seamlessly adhering to a customized vesting schedule.

Bullieverse maintained full control and ownership of its smart contracts, ensuring their autonomy and flexibility in managing their token ecosystem.


Custom claim page created for $BULL buyers

Kaizen worked with Bullieverse to create a custom claim page tailored to its platform's branding, fostering a cohesive and completely personalized claim experience for users on the Bullieverse website.

Smart Contracts for Staking of Locked and Unlocked Tokens

With Kaizen, Bullieverse were able to seamlessly create staking contracts for regular $BULL as well as vested $RBULL tokens.


Bullieverse BULL token staking page

Kaizen's innovative approach to staking allowed Bullieverse to strategically manage the release of their tokens and incentivize staking with additional rewards to effectively reduce selling pressure.


Custom staking for the vested RBULL token

The strategic staking of vested tokens, facilitated by Kaizen, resulted in a remarkable 80% reduction of anticipated selling pressure, contributing to a fantastic TGE.

Fair Launch and TGE

Leveraging Kaizen's fair launch practices, Bullieverse established a level playing field for all participants, promoting inclusivity and transparency.

Embedded security features played a key role in shielding Bullieverse from malicious activities such as sniping, frontrunning, and DDoS attacks ensuring a fair and secure environment during the TGE and beyond.


In collaboration with Kaizen.Finance, Bullieverse achieved significant milestones, exceeding their initial targets. The implementation of Kaizen's expertise in automation, security, and token management yielded impressive outcomes during the TGE:

Strategic Staking for Reduced Selling Pressure: The collaboration enabled Bullieverse to strategically manage the release of tokens through staking contracts, effectively reducing anticipated selling pressure by 80%. Kaizen's innovative staking approach incentivized users and contributed to a more stable TGE.

Secure Foundation with Embedded Traits: Kaizen's proficiency in token creation, particularly on the Polygon blockchain, fortified Bullieverse's digital assets with robust security features embedded in the $BULL token's smart contract.

Fair Launch: Leveraging Kaizen's fair launch practices, Bullieverse established a launch with significantly reduced selling pressure enabling a tremendous price discovery. Kaizen security features shielded the token from malicious activities, ensuring fairness and security throughout the event and beyond.

In summary, the partnership between Bullieverse and Kaizen.Finance not only achieved substantial reductions in selling pressure but also established a secure, efficient, and fair framework for the entire token generation process.

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