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Plutonians: Creation and Vesting of a Dual-Token Model on Solana in Just 48 Hours


Plutonians, a blockchain-powered gaming project, turned to Kaizen for expertise in creating a dual-token model with a tight 48-hour deadline. Kaizen successfully delivered a secure token creation and flexible vesting solution, enabling investors from Seedify, Bullperks, Star Launch, CoreStarter, and EnjinStarter to conveniently claim their tokens via a custom page on the Plutonians website. Furthermore, Kaizen enhanced the user experience by integrating support for popular Solana wallets, including Sollet, Phantom, Solfare, Blocto, and more. The partnership with Kaizen was pivotal in ensuring the project's success within the challenging two-day timeframe.


James Lee

Chief Information Officer


Plutonians and Kaizen have formed a real bond, forged in the stressful conditions of our industry. When we first encountered this ‘automated cross-chain token launch platform’ we thought it would be just that, a machine to get us going. But no, Kaizen proved to be much more than just that, helping us every step of the way and literally ‘saving our day’ on multiple occasions.

Project Introduction

Plutonians is an open-world metaverse space combat, role-playing, exploration, and trading game built on Solana, offering a wide range of web3 crypto-enabled experiences.

Given the blockchain-powered economy at the core of Plutonians, the project sought a technical partnership with Kaizen.Finance to create a dual-token model on Solana ahead of its scheduled listing. One of the significant challenges Plutonians faced was related to vesting for investors who had purchased two distinct tokens across various launchpads, which did not offer the necessary support for token distribution under this model.

Main Challenge

Plutonians reached out to address two key issues: token creation and vesting.

The primary challenge revolved around the dual-token economic model that Plutonians had envisioned, especially considering the absence of launchpad support for such a setup.


Plutonians dual-token release schedule

Additionally, Plutonians needed to aggregate token purchases across all launchpads to ensure reliable distribution to all investors, regardless of the launchpad they used to acquire the tokens.

And, not to forget, there was the pressing two-day deadline as the project's listing was already scheduled.

In summary, the task at hand was to create a dual-token model on Solana, complete with a vesting and claiming solution, all within a 48-hour timeframe.


Token Creation

Kaizen invested substantial time, resources, and expertise in creating an array of secure, robust, and flexible smart contracts for token creation. These smart contracts have undergone rigorous audits by industry leaders like CertiK and DeusSec.

This groundwork played a crucial role in facilitating the swift creation of tokens (both $PLD and $RPC) and the development of a claiming solution. The latter required additional research and customization to fit the dual-token model, along with a tailored solution that unified token sale participants from various platforms on the Plutonians' website.

Addressing a Last-Minute Challenge

Before engaging Kaizen, Plutonians had already sold their $PLD and $RPC tokens on Seedify, Bullperks, Star Launch, CoreStarter, and EnjinStarter. At that moment Solana was a pretty new blockchain so majority of these launchpads were unable to provide any kind of vesting solution for Solana. This issue had broken the usual flow and made project to seek for an urgent solution to distribute tokens before listing in 48hrs.

Vesting Solution

The automated vesting solution offered by Kaizen allowed Plutonians to aggregate investors across all launchpads and distribute tokens seamlessly through a dedicated claim page, purpose-built by Kaizen on the Plutonians website.

Kaizen also incorporated the ability to make emergency edits to vesting contracts as an extra layer of security against potential errors during the sorting and transfer of sales data from launchpads.

Claiming Solution

Kaizen's claiming solution enabled users to claim their purchased tokens via, regardless of the launchpad they initially used. This user-friendly solution not only served investors well but also provided Plutonians with additional opportunities for essential product and marketing activities.


Custom token claim page

The creation of a custom on-website claiming solution involved substantial effort on multiple fronts, including coordination with various launchpads to ensure the effective sorting of collected data. This meticulous approach guaranteed a smooth distribution experience for all sale participants.

Distribution Solution

Kaizen introduced technology that enabled Plutonians to distribute tradable locked tokens, resembling a wrapping process, to their investors for the first time in Solana's history. These tokens could be assigned unique ecosystem value or used to earn interest even before full unlock.

Wallet Support

Despite the tight deadline, user experience remained a top priority. Kaizen integrated support for nearly every relevant Solana wallet, including Sollet, Blocto, Phantom, Solflare, and others.


Wallet support provided by Kaizen

Each wallet required dedicated integration, all completed within the 48-hour timeframe alongside other critical tasks.


Kaizen's expertise has empowered Plutonians to tackle the challenge of creating a dual-token model and implementing vesting on Solana within a demanding 48-hour deadline. Overcoming this significant obstacle was instrumental in ensuring the project's timely listing, meeting investor expectations, and building a positive reputation.

Within this tight timeframe, the following key achievements were accomplished:

Creation of PLD and RPC tokens.

Introduction of a unique distribution solution utilizing Kaizen's locked token technology, providing investors with distinctive opportunities.

Rapid development of an overnight vesting solution to compensate for the lack of launchpad support for dual-token models.

Seamless support for all relevant Solana wallets, including Sollet, Phantom, Solflare, and others, enhancing the user experience.

Implementation of an automated vesting solution to gather essential buyer information from Seedify, Bullperks, EnjinStarter, and other launchpads, crucial for token distribution.

Development of a tailored claiming solution and creation of a custom claiming page aligned with the Plutonians' design, allowing investors to claim their tokens with ease.

In conclusion, the partnership with Kaizen has provided Plutonians with an experienced technical partner that successfully tackled the challenges of token creation, vesting, and distribution within an incredibly tight timeframe.

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