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KlubCoin: Building a Bespoke Staking Portal with Lottery-based Physical Rewards


Kaizen.Finance has provided KlubCoin with a unique staking portal and lottery-based rewards solution. The staking portal was deployed on the KlubCoin website following project branding and design language delivering a seamless experience for all Klubcoin users. In addition, Kaizen has implemented powerful features enabling KlubCoin to access the list of its users and take a snapshot of stakers providing flexibility and the ability to draw lottery winners at a later date


Stephane Schweitzer

CEO at KlubCoin


Staking has a very important role in every token economy to allow participants to earn rewards on their holdings and ensure that holders and project team share a common long-term vision. At KlubCoin, and thanks to the great work of Kaizen finance, we were able to offer staking from Day 1 after TGE, offering to KlubCoin holders the possibility to access unique party experiences when staking their $KLUB tokens.

Project Introduction and Objective

KlubCoin is a Web3 platform built to bridge the gap between partygoers, music producers, DJs, event organizers, clubs, festivals, and promoters. The platform integrates the use of crypto tokens in real-life events as well as online and in the Metaverse.

The KlubCoin platform approached Kaizen.Finance with the objective of creating a unique staking portal and rewards system for its $KLUB token.

Staking Portal

Kaizen has expertly crafted a distinctive staking portal and rewards system seamlessly integrated into KlubCoin’s website. Staking offerings were configured to span across five distinct periods (1, 3, 6, 12, and 24 months), each accompanied by a unique set of rewards.


Example of an easy-to-use staking

This system empowered participants to effortlessly add liquidity, stake their assets, and qualify for rewards with just a few clicks, all facilitated directly from the dedicated staking page.

Rewards system

A noteworthy facet of this staking model is the inclusion of 25 distinct types of rewards, each determined through a lottery mechanism aimed at creating an engaging experience for participants.


$KLUB staking and rewards grid

What sets this staking initiative apart is its commitment to providing tangible, real rewards to participants such as VIP tickets, backstage passes, and meet & greet experiences. The Kaizen-enabled KlubCoin staking system distinguishes itself by steering clear of virtual or speculative rewards, aligning its staking system with genuine incentives for users.

Transparency and Management Features

Recognizing the importance of transparency and fairness, KlubCoin required features that would allow access to a comprehensive list of users involved in the staking process.


KlubCoin staking lottery draw timer

Such features were implemented by Kaizen additionally delivering the ability to take periodic snapshots of stakers. This has provided KlubCoin with the ability to ensure that they can conduct monthly impartial lottery drawings among participants at a later stage.


In summary, delivered by Kaizen.Finance, KlubCoin's staking initiative not only champions user experience but also stands out through its commitment to tangible rewards, a diverse array of prizes, and a transparent process that ensures fairness in award distribution.

This approach aligns with both Kaizen's and KlubCoins's dedication to creating a rewarding and engaging Web3 ecosystems,

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