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Genius X: Building a Blockchain-Agnostic Launchpad and Token Ecosystem


Project Introduction

Genius X, a blockchain-agnostic accelerator and launchpad, has approached Kaizen.Finance to establish a technical partnership focused on developing a robust and versatile launchpad and token ecosystem. The partnership capitalizes on Kaizen's expertise to deliver a comprehensive solution that would allow Genius X clients to take advantage of Kaizen’s token launch services such as token creation, staking, vestings, and others right from within the Genius X launchpad.


Jason Gao

Director of Genius X


Genius X has successfully deployed an EVM-compatible token launchpad in collaboration with Kaizen Finance. Kaizen’s team played a pivotal role in this joint endeavor by swiftly delivering a high-quality technical product within a tight timeframe, enabling all essential functionalities for managing the token lifecycle on the launchpad.

Main Challenge

Genius X encountered the intricate challenge of building a launchpad and token ecosystem that could meet the continually evolving demands of the blockchain industry. The primary goal was to establish a scalable system enabling consistent delivery of high-quality services to clients, all while ensuring operational efficiency. The secondary goal was to go beyond Cardano, where they had already established themselves, and increase their presence on other blockchain platforms starting with Arbitrum.


To address the challenges faced by Genius X, Kaizen.Finance introduced a range of services and solutions.

Tailored Launchpad Solution

Kaizen meticulously designed and implemented a tailored launchpad solution that serves as the foundation of the project. This integrated system seamlessly incorporates Kaizen's cutting-edge services, empowering Genius X to efficiently offer a wide array of services to clients including token sale, vesting, staking and others.


Example of project page on Genius X launchpad

The flexibility and scalability of the solution introduced by Kaizen.Finance guarantee that Genius X can efficiently serve a diverse range of client projects.

Automated Administrative Panel

A pivotal aspect of the solution was the development of a fully automated administrative panel. This panel provides Genius X with the ability to effortlessly manage and add new projects to their launchpad. The automation of this process eliminates the need for additional coding, resulting in a user-friendly interface roughly akin to website builder platforms.


Preview of projects added to Genius X launchpad

Content Management System Integration

Kaizen.Finance integrated a CMS to facilitate rapid and efficient content loading. This feature allows Genius X to remain agile and responsive to the ever-changing landscape of the blockchain industry.

Token Sale Module with KYC and AML

Kaizen's advanced token sale module was seamlessly integrated, complete with embedded KYC and AML features. This integration enables Genius X to accept funds in various currencies and across different blockchain networks while ensuring robust compliance with regulatory requirements.

Staking and Vesting Modules

Kaizen.Finance's expertise also extended to the development and integration of staking and vesting modules.


Example of an integrated staking module

These modules play a crucial role in preserving and enhancing the value of Genius X's token, $GENSX, launched on the Arbitrum network. The use of staking and vesting modules enable the creation of systems that instill confidence in investors and reduce selling pressure.

Security of $GENSX on Arbitrum

Kaizen played a pivotal role in launching and securing Genius X's GENSX token on the Arbitrum network. This partnership ensures the seamless and secure operation of the token on the Arbitrum blockchain, safeguarding it from bots and malicious actors.


Kaizen's technical expertise has empowered Genius X to create a blockchain-agnostic launchpad and token ecosystem that is both innovative and highly functional. 

The introduction of a one-time KYC procedure, which allowed launchpad users to pass KYC once and then use it to apply for all upcoming offerings, is already setting a benchmark for future industry standards. By consolidating Kaizen's advanced services into a single scalable system, the developed launchpad solution is streamlining the launch and management of projects in a way that was not possible before.

This use case illustrates the potential of collaboration and innovation in the blockchain space, providing a solid foundation for future projects and partnerships in the cryptocurrency industry.

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