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Ocean Money: Fundraising $320,000+ in Under 2 Weeks with Kaizen Finance


Kaizen's solutions helped Ocean Money surpass their fundraising goals despite challenging market conditions by creating a successful multi-chain token sale with a referral program and fundraising over $320,000 in 2 weeks.


Sam Pitman

Chief Operating Officer of Ocean Money


Kaizen Finance has partnered with Ocean Money to seamlessly incorporate WAVE tokenomics into smart contracts, laying the groundwork for the WAVE token's debut on the blockchain. Kaizen Finance has successfully integrated additional features into the WAVE token, including state-of-the-art security and trading capabilities. This ensures both the protection of users and an enhanced overall experience.

Project Introduction

Ocean Money is a neobanking platform that aims to unite crypto, banking, and traditional investing with the help of its financial products and services. Ocean Money strives to cover everything from blockchain-enabled instant money transfers to portfolio diversification with cryptocurrencies and fractionalized investments.

Ocean Money approached Kaizen Finance with the multifaceted task of fundraising in bear market conditions under a tight deadline as well as requesting a combination of other services provided by our platform.

Main Challenge

Fundraising is a challenge in itself and bear market conditions make it ever more difficult to successfully launch a project. Finding a large supportive community in such conditions before pulling numbers from launchpads is a complex process. Therefore, the UK-based project started with their existing community of ~25k loyal members across Telegram and Twitter.


Excerpt from Ocean Money’s official roadmap

Looking at the roadmap the deadlines were set. Ocean Money had money to raise, a token to create, and a scope of technical tasks to complete – all in less than 2 weeks.

Everything had to line up legally, complying with regulatory requirements as well as following KYC and AML policies. Additional targets included maximized sale page conversion, attraction of new investors, and community growth.

That’s when the project decided to contact Kaizen based on recommendations they received from distinguished industry peers.

Fundraising Approach

In order to hit the ambitious fundraising target, a community pre-sale had to go flawlessly. The user experience had to be as smooth and as seamless as possible while maintaining the highest levels of security in order to meet complex compliance targets.

In preparation for the sale, HyperID authentication, KYC check and additional AML solutions were implemented to ensure regulatory compliance and effective blocking of users from restricted regions.

Using our customizable solution, KYC was configured to require participants to upload identity documents, complete liveness verification, and provide proof of residence in order to pass the check.

Additionally, a partner-enabled solution facilitated automatic wallet address creation based on users' social media accounts for seamless onboarding to Web3

Custom KYC and $WAVE sale page

Custom KYC and $WAVE sale page

A custom sale page created on Ocean Money’s website helped to further enhance engagement, investor familiarity, and interest in staking and liquidity provision for $WAVE. To maximize conversion, the sale featured support for 3 major blockchains Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon, enabling users to buy $WAVE from whichever chain was most convenient using any of the major stablecoins. A simple, adaptive, and intuitive interface has ensured a smooth user experience.

Custom $WAVE sale page

Custom $WAVE sale page

Finally, to boost the community and maximize sale attendance, a dedicated referral program was created and implemented. It incentivized ambassadors, community, and opinion leaders to refer followers to receive bonus tokens.

The creation of a referral program has enabled the team to direct their budget to promotional activities that included the link further boosting their effectiveness.

Dedicated referral program page

Dedicated referral program page

Fundraising Results

Through Kaizen’s assistance, Ocean Money raised over $320,000 through pre-sale across Ethereum, BNB chain, and Polygon blockchains simultaneously enabling investors to participate using any stablecoin convenient to them.


Ethereum (48%) accounted for almost half of WAVE tokens sold and $156,000 raised

Polygon (27%) bringing in $88,000

BNB Chain (~25%) adding another $79,000 to a grand total of $323,000.

The results have successfully met and surpassed forecasted optimistic targets Ocean Money have set.

Referral program contribution

The referral program introduced ahead of the sale has allowed ambassadors and KOLs to earn a 5% bonus or cashback from their referrals.

The incentive’s contribution is roughly 20% of all funds raised providing a substantial boost to the WAVE token pre-sale.


Polygon became the leading blockchain where referrals attributed for over 30% of all sales, BNB Chain sitting in the middle perfectly reflecting the overall average at 20%, and, last but not least, Ethereum closing out at 13%.

Given the time restrictions and market conditions, the results were very impressive securing an additional $65,000 worth of tokens sold. We estimate the results could have been even greater given more time for opinion leaders and ambassadors to reach their audiences.


Ocean Money faced the challenging task of fundraising in bear market conditions. Turning to Kaizen for assistance, they achieved remarkable results:

Efficient multi-chain token creation, saving substantial time.

Enhanced token security, potentially preventing significant losses.

KYC compliance to ensure regulatory adherence.

Streamlined onboarding through Web2-Web3 integration.

Custom token sale page for engagement and awareness.

Successful multi-chain token sale with a referral program fundraising over $320,000 in 2 weeks.

Automated vesting and distribution, building investor confidence.

Staking and LP-staking options, reducing selling pressure.

Overall, Kaizen's solutions helped Ocean Money surpass their fundraising goals, ensuring a successful project launch in challenging market conditions.

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